Five Causes of Cracked Mobile Screens

If you leave your phone’s screen “naked” without a protective glass on top, then it will be prone to cracks and even cracks. Today, smartphones have widescreen surfaces that can easily be damaged if not well cared for.

You have to know how your mobile phone’s screen can get cracks to understand how to best avoid such causes. But if they do occur, you can decide to either take it to a repair shop or do it yourself, depending on the extent of the crack.

Here are a few causes of cracks and how you can avoid them.

Causes of cracked screens

  • Dropping on a hard/sharp object

It is the major cause of cracked screens for many smartphone owners. You can accidentally drop your phone on a hard surface and cause it to crack. It is not only you but your child or a friend who can do it.

To avoid dropping your phone on a hard surface, you should always know where your phone’s exact location is to avoid accidentally pushing it off a high surface. Another way is to keep your phone far away from the reach of your children because they can’t tell what is good or bad practice when holding a phone.

  • Sitting on your phone

This is especially common with people who like to put their mobile phones in their back pockets every time. As a result, you can easily forget about your phone and end up sitting on it. This will be worse if the surface you are sitting on is hard. By the moment you realise that you have sat on your phone, the screen will be already cracked.

The best way to avoid sitting on your phone is by putting your mobile phone in the front pockets or a bag. This way, you will not have to worry about it every time you sit.

  • Hitting things on your way

If you have a problem bumping into things as you move around, you might as well be a great danger to your phone’s screen. As you constantly hit on rough surfaces with your mobile phone inside your pocket, you risk scratching or cracking the screen.

  • Using unrecommended object for touching

The only recommended object for touching a phone’s screen is either a stylus or bare fingers. If you use another object, it may cause scratches which may result in cracks. Thus, always stick to what is recommended when interacting with your phone’s screen.

  • Sleeping on your phone

Lastly, a few individuals use their phones until late at night only to end up sleeping on them. This is a bad habit because you can easily crack your phone’s screen as you turn around.

Always keep your phone away from the bed when you are about to sleep. Some people solve this problem by having an extra table in the bedroom where they can quickly place their phone when they are on the bed.

The best way to avoid cracking your screen

After looking at the above causes of cracked phone screens, it is evident that the best way of curbing all these problems. A screen protector provides a top protective layer that has no link to the initial screen, so when pressure is applied on it, it breaks off and leaves the original screen intact. The good thing with the screen protectors is that they are cheap and one can replace them at their convenience.

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