5 Logo Designs To Take Your Brand To The Next Level

Logo designs are like the first impression of any business, the first thing that you see of any company or brand. They are the sole representative attracting the customers and engaging them with the right tactics. A small piece of graphic remains the only thing to direct customers towards the cause of the brand when it comes to the fundamentals of marketing. Holding such importance, the business logo design sydney should be adequately enhanced as to direct the traffic towards the brand.

Choosing the right color

The color of the logo designs is an important part of the designing process. This is because the color leaves a profound impact over the people as defined in many research articles and psychology itself. Each color holds a specific meaning that creates an emotion within the minds of the people like the color yellow is a representative of happiness or brightness.

Pictorial representation

It is a fact without raising any debates that a picture can say a lot more than two sentences can. Creating a pictorial representation with the logo designing process may minimize the words but the picture will provoke a thought process that may leave the customer engaged and attracted. Therefore, leaving out the words may not be the worst option out there if the picture speaks the message that is to be conveyed.


People tend to over complicate things in the process of designing the best logo because of the winds of the competition surfacing over the heads. In such circumstances, the idea of simplicity is lost and the resulting product tends to confuse the customers that engage with the logo, losing the meaning that is to be told by the brand. The key is to be simple, there exist various examples where simplicity has taken the brands to different heights, Starbucks, Pepsi and McDonald’s etc.

Gradual transformation

When the part comes where the brand has to define its progress to the customers, the transformation should be subtle. Logo designing is an intricately creative process but it is the first physical representation of the brand. The key is to work on the logo designs that have already been established rather than transitioning into something new. Sometimes, old is gold.

Look out for your competitors

Another thing to look out for whilst the logo designing process is to look out for the competitors. See what their logos exhibit and whether they can be improvised for your use such that the customer traffic can be directed your way. For this purpose, you have to work strategically such that you do not fall for plagiarism. Analyze the things that are lacking that can be modified within your logo designs and work in that direction.

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