About Shine Comms

Going out and talking to several people at once, let alone convince them, is no doubt a very daunting activity for many. It requires not only that one be articulate about his/her thoughts but also able to gauge the audience in front.


That is why we believe that being a keynote speaker is not just a job that anyone could do.

public speaking

Shine Comms, therefore, believes that a public speaking must be learned and undertakes the responsibility to teach it

inherited skill

right here in Australia. It is not an inherited skill even if some might have talent to do it better than others.


But talent alone does not suffice. To teach you the art of public speaking and turn you into a skilled keynote speaker, Shine Comms provides training with famous speakers. These speakers not only understand the essentials of being an excellent keynote speaker but have fulfilled their responsibilities as one numerous time. That is what makes our services so unique.

Some of our honorable guests

Linda Ross

Not just that, we provide you with the facility of asking your own questions. This is in line with our belief that every person is different and has his/her own complications with public speaking. So, allowing everyone to ask is how we try to cater to every student.

Ron Godman

In addition to all this, we provide you access to our workshops. These may revolve around specific speaking skills in a business environment, or in a sales position or any other specific situation. That is how we prepare you for each and every challenge that may come your way.


Tips for finding compensation lawyers in Gold Coast

Most people never seek compensation for any injury that they suffer at the workplace or in a road accident. This is because they have no idea that they are eligible for compensation for the mental and physical trauma that they have suffered. A compensation lawyer can help you make a claim in court and get compensated for your suffering.

If you are looking for a compensation lawyer there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Compensation law includes a number of specialisations. A lawyer can be practicing as a personal injury lawyer or they might be representing people who have suffered through a motor vehicle accident. It is important that you find a lawyer who would be able to represent you in court and should be an expert in the matter which pertains to you.

Hiring compensation lawyers in Gold Coast

Hiring compensation lawyer is easy when you do proper research and follow upon it. You can speak with people within your circle who may have hired a compensation lawyer. Make sure that you write down the name and then find out about them from the internet. If you cannot come up with any names on your own you can simply search for all the lawyers working in compensation law within Gold Coast. Make sure that you list at least three or four lawyers and set up an initial consultation with them.

When you visit the lawyer for a meeting it is necessary that you carry all the important documents. For example if you have suffered an injury at work it is necessary that you have the proper medical documentation and reports issued by a doctor. On the other hand if you have been in a motor vehicle accident it is necessary that you show up with all the details and photographs so that your lawyer can understand how they will go about resolving your case.

However you also need to keep in mind that any lawyer who provides you advise at a very low rate is an alarming thing in itself. Rather you should try looking for a lawyer who is known for their experience and have a good reputation in the community. Your initial consultation with the lawyer would also help you get an idea of whether you are comfortable working along with them. Make sure that you are able to understand all that id involved during the proceeding. Your lawyer would make sure that they keep you upgraded with all the latest development and might even require you to come to court if necessary.

It should be kept in mind that not all lawyers who practice compensation law would be the right fit for you. In fact they should be experienced in handling cases which are similar to yours and you also need to take a look at their success rate and the amount of compensation that they have been able to secure for the clients. Keeping these things in mind would allow you to find the top Brisbane compensation law firm.

Five Causes of Cracked Mobile Screens

If you leave your phone’s screen “naked” without a protective glass on top, then it will be prone to cracks and even cracks. Today, smartphones have widescreen surfaces that can easily be damaged if not well cared for.

You have to know how your mobile phone’s screen can get cracks to understand how to best avoid such causes. But if they do occur, you can decide to either take it to a repair shop or do it yourself, depending on the extent of the crack.

Here are a few causes of cracks and how you can avoid them.

Causes of cracked screens

  • Dropping on a hard/sharp object

It is the major cause of cracked screens for many smartphone owners. You can accidentally drop your phone on a hard surface and cause it to crack. It is not only you but your child or a friend who can do it.

To avoid dropping your phone on a hard surface, you should always know where your phone’s exact location is to avoid accidentally pushing it off a high surface. Another way is to keep your phone far away from the reach of your children because they can’t tell what is good or bad practice when holding a phone.

  • Sitting on your phone

This is especially common with people who like to put their mobile phones in their back pockets every time. As a result, you can easily forget about your phone and end up sitting on it. This will be worse if the surface you are sitting on is hard. By the moment you realise that you have sat on your phone, the screen will be already cracked.

The best way to avoid sitting on your phone is by putting your mobile phone in the front pockets or a bag. This way, you will not have to worry about it every time you sit.

  • Hitting things on your way

If you have a problem bumping into things as you move around, you might as well be a great danger to your phone’s screen. As you constantly hit on rough surfaces with your mobile phone inside your pocket, you risk scratching or cracking the screen.

  • Using unrecommended object for touching

The only recommended object for touching a phone’s screen is either a stylus or bare fingers. If you use another object, it may cause scratches which may result in cracks. Thus, always stick to what is recommended when interacting with your phone’s screen.

  • Sleeping on your phone

Lastly, a few individuals use their phones until late at night only to end up sleeping on them. This is a bad habit because you can easily crack your phone’s screen as you turn around.

Always keep your phone away from the bed when you are about to sleep. Some people solve this problem by having an extra table in the bedroom where they can quickly place their phone when they are on the bed.

The best way to avoid cracking your screen

After looking at the above causes of cracked phone screens, it is evident that the best way of curbing all these problems. A screen protector provides a top protective layer that has no link to the initial screen, so when pressure is applied on it, it breaks off and leaves the original screen intact. The good thing with the screen protectors is that they are cheap and one can replace them at their convenience.

In case you need your phone repaired, go to the experts at Adelaides preferred mobile phone repairer.

Why should you hire lawyers in Armadale?

Hiring lawyers in Armidale is essential, and one should ensure that they hire the best lawyer they find. However, you must know that not all legal issues require you to hire lawyers. However, in most situations that involve legal disputes, deals, and challenges, you should never risk getting involved in them without legal representation or advice from your lawyers.

Reasons why one should hire lawyers in Armadale

People hire lawyers in Abbeydale whenever they are in certain situations that require legal assistance or representation. Despite the situation, there are many reasons why you need to hire lawyers in Armadale. Even if you’ve never thought of hiring lawyers in the past, the following are some of the reasons that will make you have the intention of hiring these lawyers soon.

  • The law is very, very complicated

One of the most obvious reasons you need to hire lawyers is that the law is very complicated for most people unless you are a law expert. Even if you spend hours or days reading and understanding the law, it can still be challenging for you to understand it. This is because the law is very complicated, and for one to understand it, they have to be a law student. This is why lawyers find low to be easy for them and can help you understand the law.

  • Failing that, hiring lawyers can be costly than hiring them

The other reason why you should hire in Armidale hearing them saves you money. For instance, when you are charged with a criminal case, unless you have lawyers who can prove your innocence, you may spend so much time behind bars or be charged for these criminal charges. However, with lawyers by your side, you don’t have to spend time behind bars or get fines since they’ll prove that you’re innocent. This saves you so much money.

  • Lawyers can challenge evidence

The lawyers in Armidale have been legally trained, which provides them with the knowledge that helps them know if specific evidence was adequately obtained or not. They also ensure that the evidence is handled carefully when taken to the lab, making no mistakes.

  • The help file documents and follow the proper procedures

The main reason why most of the cases get ruined is that people file the wrong documents and use the wrong ones, which ruin their cases. You may also struggle with deadlines or protocols when filling out your legal documents, which can be risky. You need to hire lawyers in Armadale to ensure that your documents are filed correctly and that the proper procedures are used to ensure that your case is successful.

  • They provide legal assistance and advice

Hiring lawyers in Armidale ensures that you get legal assistance anytime you require it and even the advice, but you need to make the right decisions. They negotiate the proper settlement. At times lawyers know when a case can get resolved, especially resolved, especially at trial. They know the best solution for such a case is getting a settlement. Your lawyers will always negotiate for your settlement and ensure that you get a perfect amount for yourself.

With the above results, it can be concluded that hiring Armidales leading law firm is a brilliant idea. However, you must make sure that the lawyers you hire are professional lawyers who consistently deliver high-quality services to you. Ensure that you do not hire these lawyers while in Armidale to avoid making any avoidable mistakes.

The importance of a good website design

It is crucial that your website should be designed with the target audience in mind. It should improve the user’s experience. It is considered to be one of the most important aspects for your brands online presence. Doing so would enable you to allow the bottom of the funnel leads to turn to conversions.

There are several benefits of a good website design. It is not only beneficial for your business but also your target audience.

Why you need to focus on website design

The following are a few reasons why you should consider focusing on your website design:

  • It should be kept in mind that your website represents your brand and everything which it stands for. The first thing a person is going to look at is the website if they want to know more about your service or your product. There are several elements which go in the making of a website. From something as simple as choosing a color as well as the font all these contribute towards your brand identity. It is crucial that you select each and every element after a great deal of careful thought. You must also try to maintain consistency across the website.
  • If there is a specific brand color which aligns with your logo and helps identify the elements in your brand you should make sure that is used on the website as well. Sometimes a business owner might prefer using colors which evokes certain emotions in people for example blue is associated with trust while black focuses on quality.
  • When it comes to the layout it is important that it should be kept as simple and clean as possible. It is essential that the design should be such that it draws attention to the important aspects. The number of options in the menu should be determined on the basis of your audience preferences. The key is to experiment with different layouts and then carry out a test to understand what would work best for your audience.
  • The content on your website should be easy to read and should be visible on the background color that has been selected. If your target audience comprises of the younger people it is important that it should be kept fun and stylish on the other hand an older and more mature audience would go for a simple format which is easier to read.
  • Another important aspect to keep in mind is the accessibility to a website. A website which is easily accessible both on the desktop as well as the mobile phone would make it better for your audience. The best way of doing so is to provide a code to your website which would allow you to display an accessible interface.
  • On the other hand it is also important that the website is easy to navigate so that it can help your audience find the product and services with ease.

The best website design should allow people to engage with your content and take the desired action. The layout and the design should be simple enough and should allow people to explore the different options that they have on the website. Consult with a leading web developer in Brisbane so that you can maximize this platform in boosting your business.

SEO Fundamentals

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process of optimising a website to be readily available online. SEO’s main focus is to improve the website ranking on major search engines. The higher a website ranks, the higher the likelihood to be visited, and the more traffic, the more the likelihood to close sales.

Types of SEO services

We have different types of SEO services; here are brief descriptions of each type:

Technical SEO

It involves an analysis of technical factors affecting the ranking of a website. These include the following:

Code efficiency: The efficiency of the codes in a website plays a vital role in determining the rankings. Bloated code can slow down the loading speed of a website. Optimised on-page content allows search engines to understand and interpret the web page content easily. Search engines tend to readily understand the semantic meaning if a page has less code hence improving rankings.

Website speed: For search engines to improve web searchers’ experience, they continually update the search algorithm. In addition to finding accurate results for users’ queries, search engines factor in a website’s speed to rank web pages. If your web page loads faster, your page improves customer experience; hence search engines reward your website for that reason. Slow loading pages irritate users, and search engines penalise such webpages.

Mobile responsiveness: Mobile responsiveness is a one-factor search engine considered for SEO purposes. A layout adapted to both desktops and mobiles delivers a better experience to users, and that’s the core mission for search engines.

SSL/HTTPS: Search engines prefer websites that are secure than those that are not. A website packed with malware is insecure, and search engines wish to deliver insecure web pages to the users. The importance of having SSL on your webpage is increasingly demanding, and users would think twice before visiting an insecure web page, i.e., pages with HTTP are considered insecure. In contrast, those with SSL or HTTPS are considered secure. SSL is a communication protocol that ensures end to end encryption services between the server and the visitor.

On-Page SEO

It involves optimising on-page elements that affect the ranking of a website. It includes the following elements:

The page title and Meta descriptions: The two elements are critical for SEO ranking. Both elements should contain keywords that help the search engine understand what your page is all about. Other than employing keyword stuffing, an old school SEO uses synonyms and keyword variations by changing the keyword phrase’s words. Hire a professional SEO service company, and they will know how to do all this stuff.

Headings: Search engines have a way of rewarding websites with intuitive structures. Using headers helps organise content. Include H1, H2 tags to identify macro and micro ideas on your page.

On-page content: The text on your website plays a crucial role; if visitors like what they read on your page, they will likely take a long time on your page. Search engines use bounce rates to rank web pages. Search engines reward content that adds value to readers by ranking them higher.

Off-page SEO

Using off-page SEO helps improve the domain authority. It includes the following:

Social media: Social media helps establish brand awareness. The more a website participates in social media engagement, the more it gains domain authority.

Backlinks: Backlinks are the hearth of search engines. Linking from another website is like a referral by word of mouth, and search engines love this a lot.

Look for a trusted company offering seo services to help you.

Tips for Finding the Right School for your Kids

Finding the right school for your child makes all the difference in their academic journey and their life as a whole. The good thing is, there are plenty of options available beyond public schools today, and the worst part is, plenty of options leaves parents with daunting tasks in choosing the best schools for their children. It is only prudent for parents to know what they are looking for in a school environment they desire for their children. Here are some tips that will guide parents in finding the best possible education for their kids, either in public school down the street, a private school, or a particular school that will gather for a child’s specific needs. The first thing a parent needs to know is the types of schools available nearby before making informed choices.

Finding a good fit

For parents to find the best learning environment for their kids, they need to set specific criteria that best define their kids’ best schooling environment. Here are some of the questions parents need to ask themselves before finding the school for their kids.

  • What do you want your child to learn? The specific subject matter like the level of academic difficulty, class, and academic competition amongst learners.
  • Your child’s cognitive ability, and suppose your child has specific challenges or a particular learning style.
  • Social requirements for your child – a child’s ability to mingle well with their peers.
  •  And extracurricular activities and practical learning.

Choose a focus

Different schools offer a wide range of study areas than others; for example, some schools offer children an opportunity to study a second language while others do not. As a parent, you decide which school offers a second foreign language you desire your child to study. Other schools have a strong religious background, and you want your child to have a strong religious inclination, you might have to factor in a school’s religious background before making a choice. Some schools specialize in arts and music as extracurricular activities; it is upon them to choose what best describes their children’s academic dreams.

Check out previous scores

Past scores may not be the right metric to determine a school’s effectiveness, but it is among essential components to look out for a while choosing a school for your children. It forms an indicator of how children perform academically in that school. It is also essential to check out the school academic performance rating if available.

Make a list

The first thing parents need to do is make a list of items, components, and features they look for in a school for their children. Some of the standard features most parents look for in a school for their children include; high academic expectations, the culture of a school, great teachers, non-teaching staff, busy schedules for children throughout the school days, a rigorous curriculum, extracurricular activities, strong teacher-parent association, well-answered parents’ questions, and inquisitions.

Pay a visit to the school

When you find QLD top boarding school you think is suitable for your child, it is time to pay a visit to the school, meet the school staff, access the school infrastructure, and see whether they meet the criteria for the environment you want your child to study in. And leave no lingering questions in your mind unanswered.


A lawyer is a licensed legal practitioner whose duty is to uphold the law and protect the rights of clients they represent.

Some of the roles lawyer play include:

  • Provision of legal counsel
  • Research and gather evidence or information
  • Preparing legal documents as it relates to contracts, divorces, real estate, wills, and clients need
  • Defending or prosecuting in court.

What does a lawyer do?

The duties of a lawyer transcend basic court trials. Law is extensive, and a single lawyer can’t provide all the legal counsel for each aspect of the law.

You can liken it to a doctor that specialises in a specific area – lawyers also choose one or two similar areas of law.

Here is a list of an area in which lawyers specialise and the role they play.

Divorce Lawyer

The role of a divorce lawyer is to address issues relating to dissolving marriages. Their task includes legal filings, child custody, and assets and debts division amongst spouses.

Family Lawyer

The role of a family lawyer is to handle all issues relating to the family. Some of the issues include adoption, child abduction, child and spouse abuse, surrogacy, divorce, among others.

Family lawyers represent their clients in negotiations or family court proceedings. They also help draft necessary legal documents as it relates to the case.

Immigration Lawyer

As the name implies, immigration lawyers help clients determine the duties, legal rights, and obligations of individuals considered immigrants or aliens. They also help clients gain legal citizenship in their country of residence. They represent clients in court and prevent them from deportation while also assisting with citizenship tests. An immigration lawyer serves as an intermediary between immigration authorities and clients.

Criminal Lawyer

Criminal charges are handled by an experienced criminal lawyer to get the best outcome in court. Criminal lawyers act as defendants or prosecutors depending on who they represent. For instance, they could defend an organisation or individuals facing criminal charges.

Also, they could represent the government in criminal proceedings against an accused person. Some of the charges a criminal lawyer deals with include drug-related crimes, fraud, theft, manslaughter, sex crimes, etc.

Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer

The accident and personal injury lawyer focusing on civil law cases relating to physical and psychological injuries from an accident.

Accident and personal injury lawyer focus on the aspect of law called tort law. They provide legal service to clients who claim to have been injured due to the negligence of other persons.

They assist their clients in seeking reimbursement for the incurred costs. A common example of personal injury claims includes workplace injuries, traffic collisions, professional malpractice, and defective products.

Business and Corporate Lawyer

As the name implies, these lawyers work on cases related to businesses. They counsel and guide their clients (public and private companies) through complex legal issues. Some of their area of focus include contracts, employment law, property, sales, bailment, and related service.

Other aspects of law where you may need a lawyer include:

  • Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Employment Lawyer
  • Animal Lawyer

What does a lawyers workplace look like?

A lawyer can work as a public defender/prosecution (when working for the government), a private company, or in a law firm.

Most lawyers work between 50 to 80 hours per week, which includes weekends. A newly hired lawyer serves as clerks, tasked with gathering useful information for upcoming trials.

If you want to find the best lawyers in Gold Coast, conduct research and ask your family and friends for referrals.

Why Business Owners Should Consider SEO Services

Often you may have asked yourself the question whether SEO is actually important for your business. While SEO is definitely crucial for online businesses, it works just as well for businesses which are strictly offline. People always and almost search a product on the internet before they go about buying it. Therefore it’s essential that all businesses should invest in SEO services.

Making sure that you hire the right SEO services can do wonders for your business. It can help turn around a business in a matter of months. However the results may not be apparent on an immediate basis you can expect a slow and steady progress with the right marketing strategies.

The following are a few reasons why business owners should consider SEO services:

The right SEO strategies allow search engines to rank your webpage in the top results

When you hire a SEO expert they make sure that they make sue of a number of strategies which can optimize your website for search engines. They can do it through several white hat techniques. Namely with the use of good content, quality backlinks, local listing and so on. Some experts even work on social media marketing to improve a brands recognition in social platforms. Do make sure you hire experts in the field of seo to ensure that your website has a better chance of being featured in the top results.

SEO is important for a successful business

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have. Whether it’s an established one or a startup, whatever it’s a small business or a big one. Al businesses should ensure their success with the help if right kind of EO techniques.

SEO is budget friendly when compared with other business strategies

When a business owner wants their business to succeed, they often try to get help in any ways that they can. They may turn to the usual forms of advertising which can get quite expensive. On the other hand SEO is more budget friendly. The cost for SEO services is lower than what an actual advertising agency would charge business owners.

It’s easier to measure success with SEO tools

With the usual method for promoting a business, measuring its success can be a tad bit difficult. However there are several tools which can help a business owner know the success of the SEO strategies that have been used. Properly optimized web pages have productive leads generated towards their website and have a better conversion rate. Plus SEO helps businesses control their ranking. While a business may get in the top results, staying there is what actually counts.

One should consider it more of a direct investment. It helps improve both the visibility and the profit for an online business. However, it’s important that businesses invest in ongoing SEO services. The inbound nature of SEO not only helps generate productive leads but keeps ensuring that a business always ranks in the top result.

Always make sure that you hire the right SEO agency to help with your SEO needs.

5 Logo Designs To Take Your Brand To The Next Level

Logo designs are like the first impression of any business, the first thing that you see of any company or brand. They are the sole representative attracting the customers and engaging them with the right tactics. A small piece of graphic remains the only thing to direct customers towards the cause of the brand when it comes to the fundamentals of marketing. Holding such importance, the business logo design sydney should be adequately enhanced as to direct the traffic towards the brand.

Choosing the right color

The color of the logo designs is an important part of the designing process. This is because the color leaves a profound impact over the people as defined in many research articles and psychology itself. Each color holds a specific meaning that creates an emotion within the minds of the people like the color yellow is a representative of happiness or brightness.

Pictorial representation

It is a fact without raising any debates that a picture can say a lot more than two sentences can. Creating a pictorial representation with the logo designing process may minimize the words but the picture will provoke a thought process that may leave the customer engaged and attracted. Therefore, leaving out the words may not be the worst option out there if the picture speaks the message that is to be conveyed.


People tend to over complicate things in the process of designing the best logo because of the winds of the competition surfacing over the heads. In such circumstances, the idea of simplicity is lost and the resulting product tends to confuse the customers that engage with the logo, losing the meaning that is to be told by the brand. The key is to be simple, there exist various examples where simplicity has taken the brands to different heights, Starbucks, Pepsi and McDonald’s etc.

Gradual transformation

When the part comes where the brand has to define its progress to the customers, the transformation should be subtle. Logo designing is an intricately creative process but it is the first physical representation of the brand. The key is to work on the logo designs that have already been established rather than transitioning into something new. Sometimes, old is gold.

Look out for your competitors

Another thing to look out for whilst the logo designing process is to look out for the competitors. See what their logos exhibit and whether they can be improvised for your use such that the customer traffic can be directed your way. For this purpose, you have to work strategically such that you do not fall for plagiarism. Analyze the things that are lacking that can be modified within your logo designs and work in that direction.

Dave Grohl’s (wonderful) speech at the South by Soutwest festival keynote speech

It took a great musical personality to take the baton from Bruce Springsteen as the keynote speaker of South By Southwest , the very famous festival in Austin (capital of Texas) born in 1987. In 2012, it was the Boss who bewitched the audience and the millions of people who he saw his speech live or deferred: to get such a result, he needed not a great musician, not a great artist. We wanted a great man, indeed a huge man. We wanted Dave Grohl.

I had the great honor of being invited here to share with you all I know about music . Well, what do I know about music? I know that musicians come before everything else “. The speech by the leader of the Foo Fighters , intense, at times moving, was a life lesson for all those who make music. Starting from his adolescence, with his father’s first records and advice, Dave has continually reiterated the importance of concepts such as “freedom”, “independence”, inevitably connected to the idea that every musician must find his own voice – understood as an expression of own personality – before anything else.

Here are some basic steps of the keynote speach and the video of the whole speech.

Dave Grohl, Austin’s speech
It was my first guitar, along with a book of Beatles songs to direct my life in the only way I followed. (says “one direction” clearly alluding to the English boy band). Music became my religion , the record shop my church, the musicians my saints and the songs my hymns. The Virginia was not really a forge of rock stars but I didn’t care to know that the musical career was unthinkable: I had found my voice , and it was enough. There was no one to tell me if my voice was right or wrong and therefore for me there was no “right” and no “wrong” .

After showing how he composed his first songs, Grohl then told of the trip to Chicago that changed his life. Merit of the eldest cousin Tracy, “a rocker” who immediately became the idol of little Dave. His first hero . She made him listen to records from bands like Bad Brains, Black Flag, Ramones and dozens of others. And he took him to his first concert, a punk band named Naked Regan. “I was in heaven! I was no longer one of “us”, I was one of “them”. I was struck by the total independence of the punk scene from the logic of the multinationals, the possibility of operating independently. I could have my band, write my songs , record my records, promote my shows, publish my fanzine, sell my t-shirts. I could do all this by myself. There was no right or wrong, because it was all mine . “

“I wanted to be part of a revolution , a rebellion, but I was probably just trying to save my life. I spent years sleeping on stage, on the floor in the rooms, under the stage – when I slept. It was at that time that I heard the five words that literally changed my life: “Have you heard of Nirvana ?” They didn’t have a drummer and so I slings. We just played. There was no sun, no moon, only music. We communicated among ourselves without speaking . We were three people proud of their shortcomingsthat sounded like their whole life depended on that music. No one ever told us how to play or what was right or wrong. It was our music. Kurt said we would become the biggest band in the world. But I laughed , I thought he was joking! “

How to start a public speech

I had the honor of treading a very prestigious stage, at the 2018 Convention of Cartorange , an Italian company of Travel Consultants, specialized in organizing tailor-made trips.

How to start a speech in public
My Keynote Speech “The power of words” held on Saturday 9 June at the 2018 Cartorange Convention, at the Convitto della Calza in Florence.

I used to prepare my speech . In particular its opening .

After an in-depth briefing aimed at understanding together with the Direction what the goal of my speech and times should be, with about a month in advance I started writing my speech.

As I always do with my speeches and those of my clients, I started from the preparation of the body , subdividing it into three blocks : Why three blocks? Because if you follow my videos on my YouTube channel , you know that three is the perfect number of rhetoric. If in a speech you put too many elements, the public will end up feeling confused, tired and will eventually think “Thank goodness he has finished talking” .
Communication with the customer in one to one
Public Speaking mode in front of small audiences
Video Public Speaking

Prepared the body of the speech, I started thinking about the two most complex and delicate parts: the opening and the conclusion. In this post we focus on opening, okay?

“Whoever starts well is half of the work”, also in Public Speaking “. Because the audience unconsciously gets an idea of ​​you and your authority already starting from the first seconds of your presence on stage.

During the Individual Consultations of Public Speaking Coaching , my clients are stunned when I tell them “You don’t have to start with Hello everyone, it’s an honor for me to be here today and I’ll talk about … or worse yet , everybody, I hope to keep you awake since we have just finished lunch … “

If you really want to invest in developing your Public Speaking or Public Speaking Video, do things that will seem strange to you at first. Including not starting to say goodbye and saying who you are and what you will talk about.

To you who are a devoted reader of my blog, I can confess: until the day before the convention I thought and thought about the opening of my speech. I thought about starting with a video, then with a story, then with a question and … in the end I changed my mind and I finally made the decision to start with a CITAZIONE.

Since my speech is entitled “The power of words” and aims to give Consultants to Travel®️ innovative tools to communicate with the client, with audiences and videos, after long reflections I have chosen as a starting point a quote from the speech with which Mohammed Qahtani in 2017 ranked first at the World Speaking World Championships.

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