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It is not easy to answer without arguing. Many are afraid of the stage. And they believe that the time has not yet come to express their opinion. Others think they are too afraid to speak in public. This can be a problem.


When they ask me how to become a good rapporteur I always answer like this: you have to experience

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I can assure you that the qualitative leap happens when you decide to overcome the difficulties. Is it not important to participate in events as a speaker?

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The first reason to participate in each event as a speaker is this: to gain competence in the exhibition


And you can't learn at any moment. You must create a product that justifies the presence of the public.

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At first you will fail, you will present your ideas and skills in a disorderly way. But it’s normal.

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You have to start with small events, perhaps with a free appointment : lighten the load, dilute the commitment.

Linda Ross

I can assure you that the qualitative leap happens when you decide to overcome the difficulties.

Ron Godman

They believe that the time has not yet come to express their opinion. Others think they are too afraid to speak in public. 


Dave Grohl’s (wonderful) speech at the South by Soutwest festival keynote speech

It took a great musical personality to take the baton from Bruce Springsteen as the keynote speaker of South By Southwest , the very famous festival in Austin (capital of Texas) born in 1987. In 2012, it was the Boss who bewitched the audience and the millions of people who he saw his speech live or deferred: to get such a result, he needed not a great musician, not a great artist. We wanted a great man, indeed a huge man. We wanted Dave Grohl.

I had the great honor of being invited here to share with you all I know about music . Well, what do I know about music? I know that musicians come before everything else “. The speech by the leader of the Foo Fighters , intense, at times moving, was a life lesson for all those who make music. Starting from his adolescence, with his father’s first records and advice, Dave has continually reiterated the importance of concepts such as “freedom”, “independence”, inevitably connected to the idea that every musician must find his own voice – understood as an expression of own personality – before anything else.

Here are some basic steps of the keynote speach and the video of the whole speech.

Dave Grohl, Austin’s speech
It was my first guitar, along with a book of Beatles songs to direct my life in the only way I followed. (says “one direction” clearly alluding to the English boy band). Music became my religion , the record shop my church, the musicians my saints and the songs my hymns. The Virginia was not really a forge of rock stars but I didn’t care to know that the musical career was unthinkable: I had found my voice , and it was enough. There was no one to tell me if my voice was right or wrong and therefore for me there was no “right” and no “wrong” .

After showing how he composed his first songs, Grohl then told of the trip to Chicago that changed his life. Merit of the eldest cousin Tracy, “a rocker” who immediately became the idol of little Dave. His first hero . She made him listen to records from bands like Bad Brains, Black Flag, Ramones and dozens of others. And he took him to his first concert, a punk band named Naked Regan. “I was in heaven! I was no longer one of “us”, I was one of “them”. I was struck by the total independence of the punk scene from the logic of the multinationals, the possibility of operating independently. I could have my band, write my songs , record my records, promote my shows, publish my fanzine, sell my t-shirts. I could do all this by myself. There was no right or wrong, because it was all mine . “

“I wanted to be part of a revolution , a rebellion, but I was probably just trying to save my life. I spent years sleeping on stage, on the floor in the rooms, under the stage – when I slept. It was at that time that I heard the five words that literally changed my life: “Have you heard of Nirvana ?” They didn’t have a drummer and so I slings. We just played. There was no sun, no moon, only music. We communicated among ourselves without speaking . We were three people proud of their shortcomingsthat sounded like their whole life depended on that music. No one ever told us how to play or what was right or wrong. It was our music. Kurt said we would become the biggest band in the world. But I laughed , I thought he was joking! “

How to start a public speech

I had the honor of treading a very prestigious stage, at the 2018 Convention of Cartorange , an Italian company of Travel Consultants, specialized in organizing tailor-made trips.

How to start a speech in public
My Keynote Speech “The power of words” held on Saturday 9 June at the 2018 Cartorange Convention, at the Convitto della Calza in Florence.

I used to prepare my speech . In particular its opening .

After an in-depth briefing aimed at understanding together with the Direction what the goal of my speech and times should be, with about a month in advance I started writing my speech.

As I always do with my speeches and those of my clients, I started from the preparation of the body , subdividing it into three blocks : Why three blocks? Because if you follow my videos on my YouTube channel , you know that three is the perfect number of rhetoric. If in a speech you put too many elements, the public will end up feeling confused, tired and will eventually think “Thank goodness he has finished talking” .
Communication with the customer in one to one
Public Speaking mode in front of small audiences
Video Public Speaking

Prepared the body of the speech, I started thinking about the two most complex and delicate parts: the opening and the conclusion. In this post we focus on opening, okay?

“Whoever starts well is half of the work”, also in Public Speaking “. Because the audience unconsciously gets an idea of ​​you and your authority already starting from the first seconds of your presence on stage.

During the Individual Consultations of Public Speaking Coaching , my clients are stunned when I tell them “You don’t have to start with Hello everyone, it’s an honor for me to be here today and I’ll talk about … or worse yet , everybody, I hope to keep you awake since we have just finished lunch … “

If you really want to invest in developing your Public Speaking or Public Speaking Video, do things that will seem strange to you at first. Including not starting to say goodbye and saying who you are and what you will talk about.

To you who are a devoted reader of my blog, I can confess: until the day before the convention I thought and thought about the opening of my speech. I thought about starting with a video, then with a story, then with a question and … in the end I changed my mind and I finally made the decision to start with a CITAZIONE.

Since my speech is entitled “The power of words” and aims to give Consultants to Travel®️ innovative tools to communicate with the client, with audiences and videos, after long reflections I have chosen as a starting point a quote from the speech with which Mohammed Qahtani in 2017 ranked first at the World Speaking World Championships.

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